Resource Wars I

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Resource Wars I

Post by REAXion2 on Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:20 pm

Resource Wars is a chance for us to use guild solidarity to get more out of this feature.

The basics are that the more guild members using the same hill, the higher the bonus ore you get from a mine. Eternal crystals(?) are set at 600 per day, as far as I can tell.
To get that, you must be on a hill for at least 5 hours. The place where we can help each other out is in regular ore. People can capture your mine, and this will prevent you
from getting the most out of RW. If we stick together on the same hills, lower quality mines make more ore than higher quality mines where you are solo. They are also less
likely to be the object of capture attempts.

Secondly, there is a linked mine bonus. When 2 guild members mines are connected to each other, you gain more bonus ore production. This makes up even more for taking
slightly less productive solo mines. The more links you have to guild member mines, the higher the bonus. I will add in actual figures as I gather them so you can see the real
benefits of sticking together.

Resource Wars is the best way for you to improve Soul Arms, because you get resources for it, every day, for free. All guild members should try to get their mines every day.


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