Guild Dungeon I

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Guild Dungeon I

Post by REAXion2 on Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:42 pm

The guild Dungeon is another way you can contribute to the advancement of the guild, and your squad as well.

Each attempt you make adds 100 to your Contribution, and gains you Brave Seals. Currently, at Dungeon level 18, you get 1440 Brave Seals, 144 Diamonds in value.

You get 5 free attempts every day. If you use them all, that is a total of 500 Contribution and 7200 Brave Seals. That equals 720 Diamonds. Free!

Additional attempts are available to those who want.
VIP 0,1 - 3 attempts available. They cost (I think) 10, 20, and 30 Diamonds. (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
VIP 2,3 - 4 attempts available. The 4th is (I think) 40 Diamonds.
VIP 4+ - 5 attempts available. The 5th is 50 or 60 Diamonds.
Again, each attempt used gains YOU 1440 Brave Seals (144 Diamonds value) and 100 Contribution. It's up to you what you can afford, and no one will say anything about it.
Obviously, once you have promoted to the limit, Contributions add no further value for you personally.

Whoever manages to kill each Boss gets 20 Diamonds free.

As for the Guild. Each Boss slain gives (currently) 600 Guild EXP and 2300 Guild Reserve. Right now, Aragorn is mainly the one getting it done, but some of our more active
members are getting to where they could make a lucky kill!

I will edit this post to make sure all information is correct and current at times.


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