Guild Donations I

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Guild Donations I

Post by REAXion2 on Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:57 pm

OK. Again, these are guidelines. Please take the time to read this information. I put it up here to help you, our members.

The Royal Donation - 198 Diamonds
This is obviously the favored donation, as far as benefits for the guild, and for you. Each Royal donation gives the guild +4 progress, 50 guild EXP, and 80
Guild Reserve. See the Guild Advancement I post for explanations of how this helps you.

It gives you - 3000 Brave Seals and 3000 Contribution credits. 100 Brave Seals is about equal to 10 Diamonds,going by the common prices of things that you can buy in the shop.
So, you already 300 Diamonds worth of value for 198 spent. The contribution credits allow you to auto-promote yourself to a higher rank. Each rank gets you an added 20K gold
per day. By mall values, that is equal to 20 diamonds per day per rank. (based on 100K gold costs 100 Diamonds in mall) So if you promote yourself to the maximum rank, you get
220K gold per day. That is equal to another 220 Diamonds value per day, free! So contribute, and auto-promote, and get your max benefits.

The Advanced Donation - 30 Diamonds
This gives the guild +2 Guild Progress, 20 Guild EXP, and 60 Guild Reserve.

It gives you - 800 Brave Seals, and 500 Contribution. It is equal to 130 Diamonds, a slightly better ratio, but way less currency.( LOL ) Sometimes, you just can't swing 198 Diamonds,
especially after a good Event where you are spending Diamonds like water. I understand, really. It doesn't count against you to give less, but the benefits just aren't there for you.

And finally -

The Normal Donation - 10K Gold (10 Diamonds value)
This gives the guild +1 Guild Progress, 10 Guild EXP, and 40 Guild Reserve. It does help, so if that's what you can afford, please go ahead and contribute.

It gives you - 300 Brave Seals, and 100 Contribution. The least benefits of any contribution, it is worth only 30 diamonds. Again, it does help the guild, so please contribute what you
can afford to.

I want to emphasize that I am not making rules here. It's not my job. I am just trying to explain how higher contributions help us all get stronger faster.


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